addictions & mental wellness programs

What’s holding you back? Limiting beliefs? Fear? Lack of self-love? Those of us who are ready to acknowledge that we need support don’t need a list of symptoms or a diagnosis. We don’t need another label or another person laying judgement on us. We simply know we need to work on ourselves, make changes, develop self-love… but how? How can a person struggling this way trust another human to help them? Trust is so difficult… What’s the answer?


A horse, of course!


Mental illness and addiction often stem from a severe lack of self-confidence and significant limiting beliefs that we have developed. Because of our personalities and our life experiences, we each perceive life differently. Our perceptions often cause us to fear – and fear can make us do irrational and unexplainable things. Mental wellness & overcoming addiction both rely on a person making an active choice to stop looking back in blame at the people or circumstances of their past, and to instead look forward and own their future - one step at a time.


We, at Double T Ranch, are not therapists or addictions counsellors. These 6 or 12 week life skills programs, in the Regina area, are designed as an aid for those already working with their own support systems and provide an opportunity for personal growth, relationship building, and moving from mental illness to mental wellness - and from addiction to recovery. We speak to these opportunities with true confidence as we have experienced them ourselves. For us, helping ourselves and others, find ways to live fulfilling and happy lives in spite of addiction and mental health struggles are very close to our heart.  

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what can a 1200 lb teacher do for YOU?

Horses are ideal teachers for individuals and families in the recovery process, and also those who are looking to enhance their mental wellness. They don’t judge, they don’t care about our race, our size, our gender, or our past. They just care about helping us to be the best version of US that we can be. 


Our equine assisted learning programming is a unique and powerful way to support the recovery processes, as well as support the journey to mental wellness, by enhancing self-love, self-respect, and patience. Equine Assisted Learning is a powerful act of self care that helps to build an armour of life skills, to develop knowledge on how to move forward through life’s challenges, gain self-awareness about personal behaviour, and develop solutions to assist with current coping mechanisms through the powerful teacher, the horse, as well as experience benefits of positive well-being when coping with addiction & recovery, mental health difficulties, emotional issues, behavioural disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD and codependency. 

awareness, transformation & personal growth.

We don’t promise that we will fix everything or give all of the answers to life’s troubling questions. We both know that life doesn't work that way. Real change doesn't happen when others give you the answers. The real change, the real sustainable change comes not from others, but instead when you uncover the answers yourself. 


All life skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to everyday life, ensuring that the learned skills are transferred to understanding how to deal with people, choices and the world around. Each of us is equal, with each other and with our teachers – the horses. The value of working with horses as the teachers have been proven time and time again, as they intuitively know the truths. There is NO riding the teachers in any of these programs. We must allow the horse to be able to speak through his body to help make the personal changes. Our interactive programs for addictions recovery and mental wellness are specifically designed to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each individual’s personal growth and journey. Our “teacher-horses” will provide “loud teachable moments,” that will never be forgotten. The changes experienced are immediate... as horses live ‘in-the-moment’.


live your life on your terms.

The world is full of books and courses and retreats promising to help you find your true value and overcome addictions and mental illnesses. If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, low confidence, anxiety or depression, you’ve likely tapped into a few of them. Sometimes you feel better for a little while but it doesn't last. Sometimes nothing changes at all. That’s why this Addictions & Mental Wellness Program is different.


This is not designed to be a quick fix. This is not designed to be therapy or counselling. This is designed to facilitate a process through which you ultimately find the road to betterment, and live with gratitude, no matter what place you are in your life or the size of the burden you carry. The horse’s pure honesty, open-mindedness and willingness will help you find the authentic parts of your being and live in tune with them while learning how to set clear, firm boundaries, maintain healthy relationships, and learning to effectively communicate. It will help you balance who you really are in the present moment of time, and guide you to create a workable balance between your inner being and your outer world. We know we can succeed in helping you because we have successfully helped so many.


Our programs give you the guidance, and the venue to allow you to find your own self-truths without judgment, without concern for your history, and without preconceived ideas of who you are. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgement does not exist and we can just be ourselves.


Duration: 6 or 12 Week Series

 - 1 or 2 day Retreats also available


The most powerful way to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in personal growth is by learning strong skills in an experiential environment. Those who have struggled with various mental wellness issues including depressions, anxiety, and addiction, usually experience trust issues, problems creating and maintaining relationships, lack healthy problem-solving skills, and struggle with clear and effective communication.


Each of our objectively driven programs is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills while working through fun interactive group challenges, in an experiential environment. Emphasizing self-responsibility, participative education reflects on experiences relevant to his or her future and provides the opportunity of learning from these experiences.


Individuals and teams will work to; develop self-reliance, accept responsibility and accountability, overcome barriers to find change, be encouraged to be creative and innovative, find opportunity in working together, realize the benefits associated with effective communication, recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity… All while having a blast!


Our Recovery in the Arena Program is offered 6 & 12 week sessions.

family & dependent programs

Duration: 6 or 12 Week Series

 - 1 or 2 day Retreats also available


Working with families and dependents who have experienced addictions, codependency, or have dealt with mental illness, by providing a powerful life skills development series designed to aid each member in their individual journeys while helping the household to move forward in life with confidence, enhanced communication and teamwork skills, personal responsibility, perseverance, trust and success.


Each individual will gain empowerment through objectively-driven group exercises that focus on individual qualities and at the same time, they will have some extreme fun and life-changing moments in a team setting. By working with the teachers, strong, solid skills will be built that can be drawn out when faced with choices in everyday life. All of the skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to everyday life, ensuring that the learned skills are applied back to the real world when dealing with people, choices and other influences.


This 6 or 12 week series has been set up to provide direction for the families and dependents who are rebuilding their familial lives, relationships and overall well-being.