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Our Stronger Women Programs aid women in the Regina area in finding their power under all of the perceptions, labels, roles and jobs they live up to every day. Our weekly programs & 1 or 2 day retreats help participants build specific life skills. These programs provide valuable life skills to the women who are rebuilding their lives from all kinds of trauma, including abuse, sexual exploitation, depression, suicide, jail or homelessness, as well as women who are looking to take the next step in her life, looking for results in both her personal and professional life! 


What our women learn at Double T Ranch is important; however, what they remember is priceless! Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the attendee to remember the learning far longer than sitting in ‘just-another classroom’. By working with their teachers, women will build strong, solid skills that they can draw upon when they are faced with choices in everyday life.


All skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to their everyday lives, ensuring that the learned skills are transferred to how they deal with people, choices and the world around them. There is NO riding the teachers in any of these programs. We must allow the horse to be able to speak through his body to help the women to make changes. Our interactive women's group programs are specifically designed to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each woman’s personal growth and journey. Our “teacher-horses” will provide “loud teachable moments” that the participants will never forget.

The world is full of books and courses and retreats promising to help you find your true value and purpose. If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, low confidence, anxiety or depression, you’ve likely tapped into a few of them. Sometimes you feel better for a little while but it doesn't last. Sometimes nothing changes at all. That’s why this woman’s “Authentic You” retreat workshop is different.


The Authentic You Workshop at Double T Ranch is not designed to be a quick fix. It is designed to facilitate a process through which you ultimately find the road to your happiness, no matter what place you are in your life or the size of the burden you carry. The horse’s pure honesty and their open responses to you will help you find the authentic parts of your being and live in tune with them. It will help you balance who you really are in the present moment of time, and guide you to create a workable balance between your inner being and your outer world. We know we can succeed in helping you because we have successfully helped so many.


Our women's workshops give you the guidance, the “coach,” and the venue to allow you to find your own self-truths. 

helping women find their power.

We don’t promise that we will fix everything for our women or give them all of the answers to life’s troubling questions. We both know that life doesn't work that way. Real change doesn't happen when others give you the answers.


Real sustainable change comes not from others, but instead when you uncover the answers yourself

It’s not a feminist movement. It’s not about women’s rights. It’s not about proving any points to anyone. It’s about women finding themselves under all of the perceptions, labels, roles and jobs they live up to every day. This IS about each woman trusting herself, hearing her inner voice, listening and acting based on what she knows from deep within

how can a horse teach our women what another human being cannot?

Horses are prey animals and the number one thing they demand in life is to feel safe.


They can easily discern between a calm and nervous energy and know if they are being approached honestly, without confusion and vice versa. Our horses will quickly recognize if you are showing up with your true authentic self and respond to the stimulus through their ability to sense physiological changes in the body. Each action, thought and feeling is stimulus the horse can sense. In today’s world, many women are not used to feeling vulnerable yet safe; often they are used to wearing masks and exhibiting strength whether it is authentic or not. 


The horse will only respond to the real you. By interacting and working with the horse as both a teammate and teacher, they are able to help your women see their true, authentic selves and understand boundaries by guiding them to the deepest level of self-knowledge! These powerful skills programs will help your women to take empowered action, find their own self-truths and help in their journeys to move forward with a confidence, calmness and strength that will change their lives! 

experience improved wellbeing.


  • that internal dialogue needs to match external actions

  • that force does not equate to movement

  • that looking back stops movement forward

  • how to develop healthy relationships

  • how to accept responsibility and accountability

  • how to overcome barriers to find change

  • that it takes courage to make the changes the horse is telling them

  • how to be creative and innovative

  • how to find opportunity in working together

  • how to develop their decision-making skills

  • how to take appropriate risks to get out of their comfort zone

  • how to develop patience to take it one step at a time

  • the importance of communicating their vision with direction

  • how to find the leader within themselves

  • how to realize the benefits associated with effective communication

  • the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity


help your women to see the power within themselves in order to live their lives as stronger women.

Horses are incapable of judgement. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgement does not exist and we can be ourselves! They don't care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They care about helping us to be the best version of US that we can be. They are always honest and they cannot judge. They work hard to push us to a new level where we can feel confident and competent in ourselves and in our abilities.


One of the many bonuses of working with horses as opposed to a classroom setting is the component of interactivity. Although we all learn in different ways, we each take away our own lessons that we learn through our experiences. Every learning style; visual, auditory and kinesthetic, has been taken into account in the development of this course so that all clients are learning in the best way possible for THEM.



Duration: 8 - 12 WEEKS

Helping women to rebuild their lives.


Working with organizations that are helping women to rebuild their lives by providing a life skills development series designed to aid each woman on their individual journeys and help them to move forward with confidence. Each woman will gain empowerment through objectively-driven group exercises that focus on individual qualities and at the same time, they will have some extreme fun and life-changing moments in a group setting. By working with their teachers, women will build strong, solid skills that they can draw upon when they are faced with choices in everyday life. All skills learned in the arena are paralleled back to their everyday lives, ensuring that the learned skills are transferred to how they deal with people, choices and the world around them.


This 8-12 week series has been set up to provide direction for the women in your groups who are rebuilding their lives from trauma, abuse, sexual exploitation, depression, attempted suicide, jail or homelessness, and who are looking for results! 



Duration: 8 - 12 WEEKS

At Double T Ranch, we know that with empowered women, we have a stronger world.  Strong women help us all in our personal and professional lives on all levels. 


We offer a weekly curriculum opportunity for women of all walks of life to commit some time to self-reflection, skills development and deep introspection guided by the horse. Often, women don’t know whom to trust. And for each one, the answer is different. However, for every single one – the starting point is the same. Every woman must trust herself first.


 Horses divulge interpersonal dynamics and quickly reveal every woman’s hidden talents and potential growing points. The changes they’ll experience are immediate as horses live ‘in-the-moment’.


In the 12-week Empowerment Series at Double T Ranch, women get the opportunity to be THE most important person in their mind and heart.  Each moment is about them learning, growing and balancing their mind and body, enabling them to step forward with confidence in all aspects of their life.