Learn To Ride


*NOTE*  We are currently full for the 2020 / 2021 program year

fun for all!

The Learn To Ride program is offered to any participants ages 6+!  ​

Attendees will learn about all aspects of stable management which includes: catch and release of the horse, grooming, health care, feeding, tacking up and much more!



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What is the Learn to Ride program?


The Learn to Ride Program is designed by Equestrian Canada and is aimed at individuals who wish to become well-rounded horse people, want to learn more about how to care for and ride their horses in a correct and safe manner and wish to be recognized for doing so at a national level.

The program is available for both English and Western riding disciplines; providing a systematic approach for introducing new riders to equestrian sport.

Organized into levels (English Learn to Ride Levels 1-10, Western Learn to Ride Levels 1-4, and the Western Intermediate Rider Levels) the Learn to Ride Program help to develop practical hands-on stable management and riding skills along with the knowledge that will help ensure riding is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

*Rider level credential testing available for those who wish to participate at riders cost.

Join today! Feel good about participating in a program that is for everybody and accomplishes the following:

  • Tracking your progress successfully;

  • Working towards a national standard;

  • Learning to ride safely and correctly;

  • Developing a range of skills and knowledge;

  • Recognizing and celebrating your achievements.


What you'll need

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To safely and effectively participate, the following fees, memberships and equipment are required:

  • $400 registration per person for the year

  • SHF (Saskatchewan Horse Federation) membership for personal insurance coverage CLICK HERE

    • Adult 18 - 90 $58.36​

    • Junior 17 & under $43.36

    • Family $136.08

  • Appropriate Safety helmet and footwear

  • All attendees families must participate in fundraising

  • Ability to safely mount and dismount horse (mounting blocks available)


The following one time costs will be charged if you do not have your own horse and tack:

  • $100 horse rental 

  • $50 tack rental (saddle, bridle, etc)

$400 per participant


 - 10 Riding Lessons (Western or English)

 - 10 Stable Management lessons

 - 3 clinic days (ie: veterinarian, farrier, safe trailering )

 - 1 Stable Management text book (first year only) value: $50.00

 - 1 level book per year for each student value: $35.00

Learn To Ride program runs from October to April & is held on Saturday's from 3 - 5:30 pm.  (groups will be approximately every second week)


download registration and information forms here