men's retreats

why a men's retreat?


Men are in a struggle to become themselves, GOOD MEN.  It's time, EMBRACE the process.  Find FREEDOM!   Face FEAR. Fight for TRUTH.  BREAK THROUGH BECOME THE MAN YOU WERE BORN TO BE.

Often, men in today's society don't spend the time looking after themselves emotionally, many see it as weak and do not believe in vulnerability as a personal growth opportunity!  At this retreat, the horses and your peers will show unconditional support as you try new things, reach new goals and find more release and inner peace than you have ever before. 

This experience offers something for everyone. Powerful & focused objectives, community, the beautiful prairies, peace and of course - horses for your teachers!  This is not "just another retreat," this is THE Men's Retreat you don’t want to miss.


Relax & enjoy!  Join other men for this unique opportunity of spiritual enrichment and personal encouragement.  This quality weekend is designed just for you!  A time for reflection, growth & friendships... free from everyday distraction and clutter.  

We look forward to welcoming you!

Something for everyone!

Whether you are a father, brother, husband, or a single man, being a man means that many people could depend on you for emotional, social, and sometimes financial support - including yourself!! 


designed for you!

This retreat was designed to make it possible for men to take a step back from their day-to-day life demands and activities.  It will enable  a period of relaxation, dialogue and critical thinking about where you are in life right now as well as your short and long term plans.


This time at the ranch will enable you to get away from the everyday routine of life to reset your thinking and body!

what does this workshop include?

  • A Horse To Guide You To Help Find YOU!

  • Your personal success guide and direction book

  • 2 Programs with horses and objectives

  • Country lunch, snacks and drinks 

  • Bookmarks of your teachers and their stories

  • A life-changing workshop!

  • And so much more! 


Take the Steps to Make Your Change Now.


When you are with a horse, they have a way of reading you and feeling your energy. They know your boundaries and the true, authentic you.

Horses are prey animals and their number one need in life is to feel safe. They can easily discern between a calm and nervous energy and they know if you approaching them honestly, without confusion and with your vulnerability evident. They will recognize your true self and they will respond to your stimulus by being able to sense physiological changes in your body as you work with them and other people.

This sounds so simple, but in reality, it is the most difficult task for humans. We are not used to feeling safe and vulnerable; they are used to wearing masks and exhibiting strength whether it is authentic or not. 


Yes, we work with horses to make it all come together, and no, you don’t have to ride them. You will interact with them, working with them as teammates, because they will guide you to the deepest level of self-knowledge.